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Pilates Mat Classes
Our study is on the fundamental work of Joseph H. Pilates. This class can be used:
• to prepare for the Pilates Reformer class
• as an addition to an existing Pilates Reformer class
• as a stand alone workout to enhance your over-all health and fitness

Introduction to the Reformer
A one-on-one workout with one of our certified Pilates instructors. This class is great for anyone who has never taken Pilates before. It will cover all the Pilates basics and prepare you for the more advanced Pilates techniques.

Pilates Reformer and Equipment Classes
Enjoy a Pilates Reformer class in a comfortable, non-intimidating studio environment.
• Improve posture, circulation, body shape and muscle tone .
• Increase stamina and reduce stress related tension and fatigue.

Private Reformer and Equipment Instruction
Work one-on-one with one of our highly trained, certified instructors.
In these sessions, we will educate and assist each student in developing low impact, targeted exercise programs, focusing on specific individual needs.

Have fun with your favorite Pilates partner. Work together with a partner and one of our qualified, personable Pilates instructors.

Youth Group Classes and workshops
These classes are designed for ages 10-18. This program motivates children and young adults to embrace a healthy life style and safely incorporate Pilates as part of a daily fitness routine.

Ski Conditioning Workshop
Each student will be evaluated by our Muscle Activation Specialist™ to target problem issues. You will then be guided through an exercise program designed to compliment your specific skiing level and style.

Tennis and Golf Workshops
Are muscle imbalances preventing you from performing at your best?
Join us for this intensive program. will start with a one-on-one range-of motion evaluation by our Muscle Activation Specialist™ A program is then designed to strengthen your game by enhancing physical performance and endurance.

Foam Roller Classes
Join us for a 30min. foam roller class. This class is designed for those individuals who are experienced in the basic Pilates routine. Work focuses on balance, core strength, and relaxation of overworked and tired muscles.

Senior Fitness Programs
This class will assist students with low impact, targeted exercises. It will focus on
practicing and developing routines that are directed toward increasing strength and flexibility.

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